By Graham Warwick Dec 08, 2023
Elroy Air’s Chaparral, Electra’s Goldfinch and Daher’s EcoPulse take the next step in electric aircraft propulsion.
Advanced Air Mobility

By Graham Warwick Dec 05, 2023
France’s EcoPulse distributed electric propulsion demonstrator—developed by Daher, Safran and Airbus—has conducted its first flight in hybrid-electric mode.
Emerging Technologies

By Brian Everstine Oct 20, 2023
Boeing on Oct. 20 resumed deliveries of its KC-46 tanker to the U.S. Air Force following an almost two-month pause due to red-tape issues.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Brian Everstine Oct 18, 2023
Boeing has delivered four KC-46s so far this year, with no handovers to the U.S. Air Force since late August.
Supply Chain

By Stephen Costley Oct 18, 2023
Aviation Week Network’s SpeedNews updates from NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas.

By Bill Carey Oct 16, 2023
Daher now supplies 31 Part 135 charter operators in the U.S. with 49 Kodiak and TBM model turboprops.

By Bill Carey Oct 13, 2023
Nicolas Chabbert speaks ahead of this year's NBAA-BACE on evolving aircraft technology, sustainability and Kodiak production.

By Brian Everstine Jul 13, 2023
The U.S. Air Force expects to resume accepting deliveries of KC-46s next month.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Jeremy Kariuki Jul 03, 2023
Daher expects to bolster its global reach as an industrial services provider with its acquisition of France’s Assistance Aeronautique et Aerospatiale.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

By Thierry Dubois Jun 28, 2023
Visitors observed an accurate picture of the industry, circa 2023.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Graham Warwick Jun 28, 2023
Hybrid-electric EcoPulse; Embraer and GKN on hydrogen; Fuel-cell business jet; and ONERA’s truss-braced airliner concept.
Emerging Technologies

By Graham Warwick Jun 27, 2023
Daher CEO Didier Kayat has set the target of proposing a hybrid-electric product to the market by 2027.
Advanced Air Mobility

By Graham Warwick Jun 22, 2023
Daher, Safran and Airbus have completed 30 hr. of flight testing without power to the electric propellers on the EcoPulse demonstrator.
Paris Air Show

By Brian Everstine Jun 08, 2023
USAF and Boeing are seeing the costs increase for a needed boom redesign for the KC-46 tanker as well as delays for the new Remote Vision System.
Multi-Mission Aircraft

By Thierry Dubois, Guy Norris, Molly McMillin Jun 06, 2023
As climate concerns grow, at the heart of the controversy is whether business aviation operations are actually for business or leisure.
Paris Air Show

By Jen DiMascio, Steve Trimble, Brian Everstine, Joe Anselmo Jun 02, 2023
Aviation Week editors talk with the Boeing Defense, Space and Security president about his focus on regaining stability for major development programs.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

By Thierry Dubois May 31, 2023
As climate concerns grow, at the heart of the controversy is whether business aviation is about actual business or leisure.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Guy Norris May 22, 2023
Daher says it will narrow down design options for either a lightly hybridized or all-electric production follow-on to the EcoPulse demonstrator.

By Thierry Dubois May 09, 2023
Daher is pushing for the adoption of thermoplastics in larger parts, citing multiple research and technology programs.
Emerging Technologies

Ian Sheppard Apr 27, 2023
AERO Friedrichshafen, held April 19-22, attracted more than 680 exhibitors from 35 nations and 27,200 visitors.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Molly McMillin Apr 11, 2023
Daher currently builds the Kodiak 100 Series III and Kodiak 900 and the TBM 910 and TBM 960.
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

By Molly McMillin Apr 06, 2023
Supply chain issues are broad ranging from a certain kind of raw material to complex components.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Molly McMillin Mar 29, 2023
Daher introduced several upgrades to its Kodiak and TBM product line on opening day of Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland, Florida.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Graham Warwick Feb 24, 2023
Our roundup of the main aerospace and defense stories making the news this week.

By Molly McMillin Feb 22, 2023
Aircraft billings totaled $22.9 billion, up 5.8% from $21.6 billion in 2021.
Aircraft & Propulsion