By Paul Seidenman, David Spanovich Dec 05, 2023
Next-generation aircraft electrical systems are incorporating design changes to meet requirements for advanced air mobility platforms.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Tony Osborne Nov 23, 2023
The Capability Coalition Ground Based Air Defense is led by France and Germany and focused on delivering more equipment to Ukraine as it faces continuing Russian attacks.
Missile Defense & Weapons

By Tony Osborne Nov 22, 2023
Austria plans to expand its ground-based air defense capabilities with the procurement of a long-range (more than 50-km) system.
Missile Defense & Weapons

By Steve Trimble Nov 01, 2023
A contract signing on Oct. 31 by Europe’s Organization for Joint Armament Cooperation launches the SMS-led Hypersonic Defense Interceptor study.
Missile Defense & Weapons

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Sep 12, 2023
Interior specialists are developing new products to upgrade the passenger experience and reduce maintenance headaches.

By Steve Trimble Jul 12, 2023
The initiative now requires specific technology that excludes certain hardware that is important to some NATO members that have not signed up for it yet.
Missile Defense & Weapons

By Brian Everstine Jun 29, 2023
New initiative announced at Paris Air Show coincides with apparent decreased American presence in Le Bourget.
Budget, Policy & Operations

By Tony Osborne Jun 26, 2023
Rival European missile manufacturers are in a race to conceptualize a European hypersonic defense interceptor.
Missile Defense & Weapons

By Thierry Dubois, Linda Blachly, Alan Dron Jun 15, 2023
Delta Flights Product has created a new personal wheelchair access offering—based on what was just a concept last year.
Interiors & Connectivity

By Helen Massy-Beresford May 25, 2023
Iberia customer experience director Melanie Berry details cabin changes the Spanish airline is making on board to improve its environmental footprint.
Interiors & Connectivity

By Helen Massy-Beresford, Christine Boynton, Lori Ranson May 25, 2023
Changes in cabin hardware and services can help cut waste and improve airlines’ environmental credentials.
Airlines & Lessors

By Tony Osborne May 22, 2023
The Baltic States of Estonia and Latvia have selected the German IRIS-T SLM for a joint medium-range ground-based air defense requirement.
Missile Defense & Weapons

By Paul Seidenman, David Spanovich May 02, 2023
LED lighting advancements offer high fashion and flexibility for modern aircraft cabins.
Interiors & Connectivity

By Paul Seidenman, David Spanovich Mar 08, 2023
Next-gen airborne waste and water systems aim to make problematic plumbing on aircraft more manageable.
Interiors & Connectivity

Feb 24, 2023
Sweden will help bolster Ukraine’s air defenses with deliveries of components for the Hawk missile system and the surface-launched IRIS-T air defense system.
Missile Defense & Weapons

By Graham Warwick Feb 03, 2023
Airbus has named two new suppliers for its CityAirbus NextGen electric vertical takeoff and landing air taxi.
Advanced Air Mobility

By Tony Osborne Sep 17, 2021
Germany’s Diehl Defense is working to adapt its IRIS-T short-range air-to-air missile for use on future low-observable platforms.
AFA Air Space and Cyber Conference

By Michael Bruno Apr 19, 2021
Rainer von Borstel, the CEO of aircraft systems and cabin interiors provider Diehl Aviation since 2010, will retire this month and Josef Köcher, who recently joined as COO, will succeed him, the company announced April 19.
Interiors & Connectivity