General Electric

By Matthew Fulco Dec 08, 2023
The coming year is shaping up to be even better than 2023 for aerospace and defense companies with both cash flow and profitability looking robust.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

By Steve Trimble Nov 28, 2023
A preliminary design review for the F-35 Engine Core Upgrade is scheduled by the end of January, paving the way to start the next phase of development.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Steve Trimble Oct 26, 2023
South Korea is pursuing a new supersonic turbofan engine to power a fifth-generation fighter for the 2030s.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Matthew Fulco Oct 24, 2023
General Electric (GE) had a strong third quarter that exceeded Wall Street expectations with its aerospace business benefiting from robust aftermarket demand.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Jens Flottau Sep 29, 2023
Sales and strategy expert Christian Scherer to run Airbus Commercial Aircraft.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Graham Warwick Sep 21, 2023
GE Research has been selected to receive $2.9 million to design, manufacture and test a composite tank capable of carrying 20 kg (44 lb.) of liquid hydrogen.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Sean Broderick, Thierry Dubois Sep 01, 2023
At least 74 instances of falsified release certificates and related documents have been linked to parts sold by AOG Technics.
Supply Chain

James Roche Aug 30, 2023
Billions of dollars are being invested in model-based and digital everything.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

By Matthew Fulco Jul 31, 2023
The commercial aftermarket outlook remains highly favorable as total sales rose 23% year-on-year in the 2023 second quarter (Q2).
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Joe Anselmo, Guy Norris Jun 13, 2023
Aviation Week editors talk with GE’s CEO about the company’s breakup and new focus on aerospace.
Paris Air Show

By Michael Bruno Jun 06, 2023
U.S. multi-industrial provider Barnes is buying engine components specialist MB Aerospace in a deal worth $740 million.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Brian Everstine Jun 06, 2023
Lockheed Martins announces it will use the GE Aerospace CF6 to power its LMXT should the Airbus A330-based aircraft be built for tanker-transport service.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Guy Norris Jun 01, 2023
Aircraft startup Hermeus received the first military turbofan that will be integrated into the engine core for the hypersonic Darkhorse uncrewed aerial system.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Lee Ann Shay May 05, 2023
Doing nothing to solve these problems really isn’t an option.
Workforce & Training

By Michael Bruno May 01, 2023
Top executives see midterm relief from supply chain issues by 2024 but a lot of work in the near term.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

By Steve Trimble Apr 28, 2023
The three contracts come less than two months after a presidential directive applied Defense Production Act Title III authorities for hypersonic programs.
Missile Defense & Weapons

By Tony Osborne Apr 25, 2023
Liebherr and Safran have joined the growing list of suppliers for the Eurodrone medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) uncrewed aircraft system (UAS).
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Michael Bruno Apr 25, 2023
General Electric's first-quarter 2023 financial results blew past many analyst expectations and underscored its coming focus on aerospace engine services.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Lee Ann Shay Apr 07, 2023
Major MRO providers continue to add capabilities while pursuing efficiency gains and new technologies.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Tony Osborne Mar 30, 2023
Bahrain has been approved to receive second-hand Bell AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters, on top of recent deliveries of new-model AH-1Z Vipers.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Prachi Patel Mar 29, 2023
A look at CF6 engine's commercial aftermarket, shop visit projections and engine utilization rates over the next decade.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Graham Warwick Mar 24, 2023
Our roundup of the main aerospace and defense stories making the news this week.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Brian Everstine Mar 22, 2023
The service is ending the Adaptive Engine Transition Program for its fleet, opting instead for Pratt’s cheaper Engine Core Upgrade proposal.
Budget, Policy & Operations

By Lee Ann Shay Mar 09, 2023
The majority of its revenues comes from the aftermarket.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Guy Norris Mar 08, 2023
Sikorsky is working with Leonardo Helicopters to evaluate its X2 coaxial rigid-rotor compound helicopter technology for application to an emerging Italian Army.
Aircraft & Propulsion