Raytheon APG-79 AESA

Asia Pacific Staff Sep 14, 2023
A policy review document released this week shows it will take seven years to complete.
Missile Defense & Weapons

By Tony Osborne Jul 26, 2023
Turkey has launched the production phase of an upgrade program for the country’s long-serving F-16s.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Steve Trimble May 31, 2023
The first B-52 has arrived at a Boeing modification facility to kick off the developmental testing phase of the $2.8 billion radar modernization program.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

By Steve Trimble May 22, 2023
Dueling AESA options for the F/A-50 show how far the technology has come in a short amount of time, thanks to the advent of gallium nitride semiconductors.
Sensors & Electronic Warfare

By Steve Trimble May 19, 2023
Several upgrades are making the B-52 relevant for the 2030s and beyond, but they require sweeping changes to internal structures and electronics.
Aircraft & Propulsion