By Thierry Dubois Dec 07, 2023
Safran may take the Italian government to court after Rome blocked its purchase of Collins Aerospace's actuation and flight control systems business from RTX.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

By Graham Warwick Dec 05, 2023
France’s EcoPulse distributed electric propulsion demonstrator—developed by Daher, Safran and Airbus—has conducted its first flight in hybrid-electric mode.
Emerging Technologies

By Graham Warwick Nov 24, 2023
Resilient PNT will require multiple alternatives to the singular GPS.
Emerging Technologies

By Thierry Dubois Nov 20, 2023
The Italian government is exercising its “Golden Power” to thwart the deal, citing the unit’s continued support for the multi-nation Eurofighter program.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

By Guy Norris Nov 13, 2023
CFM International partners GE Aerospace and Safran have completed the conceptual design review for the next-generation RISE open fan propulsion system.
Dubai Airshow

Nov 06, 2023
Continuing airworthiness management organizations are adding new aircraft types and regulatory approvals to their capability lists.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Graham Warwick Nov 06, 2023
U.S. Air Force welcomes eCTOL; simulating hydrogen turnaround; China’s TCab flies eVTOL; and flying quantum sensor.
Emerging Technologies

By Thierry Dubois Nov 03, 2023
Successful consolidation and capital increases have put suppliers on a stronger footing.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

By Swaati Ketkar Nov 01, 2023
As a part of the deal, HAL will produce CFM Leap engine parts for Safran Aircraft Engines Bangalore facilities.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Tony Osborne Nov 01, 2023
A new cross-border missile component research program is studying technology for future missiles and exploring new propulsion options.
Missile Defense & Weapons

By Sean Broderick Oct 31, 2023
Both GE and Safran pushed through high-single-digit spares price hikes in August, executives confirmed on recent earnings calls.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Graham Warwick Oct 30, 2023
TCab's full-scale eVTOL technology demonstrator conducted the uncrewed flight at Dongyang Hengdian General Airport in Jinhua, Zhejiang province.
Advanced Air Mobility

By Steve Trimble Oct 26, 2023
South Korea is pursuing a new supersonic turbofan engine to power a fifth-generation fighter for the 2030s.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Alex Derber Oct 13, 2023
With cost pressures rising due to multiple factors, MRO providers in Europe find ways to cope with inflation.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Guy Norris Oct 11, 2023
As XB-1 nears flight tests and the final assembly site comes together, Boom is focused on Overture airframe and engine design firm configuration.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Graham Warwick Sep 29, 2023
Our roundup of the main aerospace and defense stories making the news this week.
Budget, Policy & Operations

By Jens Flottau Sep 29, 2023
Sales and strategy expert Christian Scherer to run Airbus Commercial Aircraft.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Sean Broderick Sep 28, 2023
Forged documents and regulatory emphasis of paperwork’s importance combine to spark fake parts sales scheme.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

By Ben Goldstein Sep 26, 2023
VoltAero's Cassio 330 features a 330 kW electric-parallel hybrid propulsion system built around a Kawasaki piston engine, with an electric motor from Safran.

By Thierry Dubois Sep 25, 2023
Energy is Safran’s main consideration for the new plant, with CEO Olivier Andries saying, “we want competitive, decarbonized energy under a long-term contract."
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Thierry Dubois Sep 22, 2023
Olivier Andries says that with CFM56 operators still investigating if they have AOG Technics parts in their fleet, the full extent of the problem is not known.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Guy Norris Sep 14, 2023
The engine maker says the issues affect a relatively small number within each fleet.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Graham Warwick Sep 13, 2023
While the eVTOL leaders are developing their own electric motors and battery packs, Cuberg and Safran are looking to the next technology wave.
Advanced Air Mobility

By Graham Warwick Sep 13, 2023
Safran’s electric propulsion division has teamed with Cuberg to jointly develop aircraft energy storage systems based on the company’s high-energy lithium-metal batteries.
Advanced Air Mobility

By Paul Seidenman, David Spanovich Sep 12, 2023
New-generation engine technologies are driving advancements in full-authority digital engine control systems.
Emerging Technologies