Embraer Announces Auto-Throttle For Phenom 300E

Embraer Phenom 300E
Credit: Embraer

MELBOURNE, Florida—Embraer, the Brazilian-based aircraft manufacturer, announced the availability of auto-throttle for the Phenom 300E business jet.

The Phenom 300E serves as a light jet in Embraer’s aircraft lineup, sporting the Prodigy Touch Flight Deck powered by Garmin’s G3000 avionics suite. Starting in the third quarter of 2024, auto-throttle can be added through a service bulletin for aircraft in operation.

The addition of an auto-throttle allows for a more automated flight experience, assisting pilots through automated throttle control across different phases of flight.

“The auto-throttle has been something that has been asked for by a lot of our owner/pilots,” Embraer Chief Commercial Officer Stephen Friedrich says. “And it’s something that we now have the ability to go ahead and put into the cockpit.”

According to Embraer, the auto-throttle will become available as an upgrade for in-service Phenom 300E’s in the fourth quarter 2024. The light jet can also be equipped with Embraer’s Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROAAS), an advisory system that utilizes algorithmic A.I. to calculate the aircraft’s approach in real time to help avoid runway excursions.

Additionally, the 300E can enable Emergency Descent Mode (EDM), coupled go-around and other safety features.

“It is another example of Embraer’s mindset of continued improvement, listening to customers’ feedback and elevating an industry-leading product even further,” Embraer President and CEO Michael Amalfitano says. “Innovations like this enhance the experience and deliver even more value to operators. And that is why an aircraft like the Phenom 300E continues to offer the ultimate experience in its category.”

Jeremy Kariuki

Jeremy Kariuki is Associate Editor for Business Aviation, based in Atlanta. Before joining Aviation Week in April 2023, Jeremy served as a writer for FLYING Magazine, FreightWaves and the Center for Sustainable Journalism.