Phenom 100/300

By Jeremy Kariuki Oct 12, 2023
Embraer, the Brazilian-based aircraft manufacturer, announced the availability of auto-throttle for the Phenom 300E business jet.
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By Thierry Dubois May 23, 2023
ExecuJet MRO Services Africa, at Lanseria International Airport near Johannesburg, has been approved by Embraer as an authorized business jet service center.

By Bill Carey Jun 30, 2021
Embraer Executive Jets has delivered the first limited-edition Phenom 300E light jet as part of its “Duet” collaboration with German automaker Porsche, Embraer announced June 30.
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By Bill Carey Apr 26, 2021
A versatile best seller
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By Bill Carey Dec 02, 2020
GrandView Aviation announced on Dec. 1 that it has received three new Embraer Phenom 300s, bringing to 10 the number of light jets in the charter operator’s fleet.
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By Bill Carey Dec 01, 2020
Embraer this year has delivered a series of avionics enhancements to its Phenom 100EV entry-level light jet, the manufacturer announced.
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By William Garvey, Jessica A. Salerno, Molly McMillin Sep 16, 2020
Embraer launches medevac version of its Phenom 300 light jet that is available as a new build or retrofit.
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By Molly McMillin Aug 04, 2020
Embraer has launched a Medevac version of its Phenom 300 light jet called the Phenom 300MED for civil and government applications.
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By Fred George Apr 23, 2020
Third-generation offers upgraded performance, convenience and technology
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By Molly McMillin Mar 27, 2020
Embraer Executive Jets has received type certification for its Phenom 300E light jet from the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil (ANAC), the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the FAA, the company announced March 27.

By Fred George Mar 23, 2020
Historically, only about 5% of Phenom 300s have been on the resale market. No wonder.
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By Molly McMillin Jan 31, 2020
Embraer’s popular Phenom 300E light jet is undergoing an upgrade with improvements in performance, comfort and technology as well as an optional new refined interior called the Bossa Nova, reminiscent of Brazilian jazz.
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By John Morris Oct 12, 2017
Embraer’s enhanced Phenom 300E boasts a very nice cabin – and behind it is a NICE HD cabin management and in-flight entertainment system from Lufthansa Technik’s Original Equipment Innovation product division.

By Fred George Oct 11, 2017
Board Embraer’s new Phenom 300E, short for 300 Enhanced, and you’ll find cabin accoutrements that look like they’ve been lifted from the firm’s $20 million Legacy 500.
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By Fred George Aug 21, 2017
Embraer has made significant improvements to the Phenom 100EV that are aimed at helping it rise above the flood of entry-level light jets in the pre-owned market.
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By Fred George Nov 01, 2016
Whoosh! It took a little more than one hour of test flight to convince us that Phenom 100 EV, short for “Evolution,” finally has shed the original Phenom 100’s matronly image.

By Molly McMillin Aug 28, 2016
Embraer Executive Jets is offering a new Phenom Ace enhancement package for Phenom 100 owners to bring new life to their very light jets.
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By Molly McMillin Jul 30, 2016
Embraer Executive Jets introduced the latest evolution of the Phenom 100—the Phenom 100 EV at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh on July 27.
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By Fred George Apr 28, 2016
Six years ago, the $7 million Embraer Phenom 300 entered service, instantly redefining the value proposition in the light-jet segment. Excluding its shorter lavatory, the dimensions of the main passenger seating area compare favorably with the Learjet 70, including maximum height because of Phenom 300’s 4-in. dropped aisle. Its 66-cu.-ft. aft baggage compartment is the largest in the light-jet class and there is another 10 cu. ft. of luggage storage split between the nose compartment and lavatory. Its runway performance is closely matched to Citation CJ4.
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Feb 25, 2016
The NTSB recently opened its investigation docket on the Dec. 8, 2014, loss of an Embraer Phenom 100 (N100EQ) — an accident that renewed community worries and complaints about operations at Montgomery County Airpark (KGAI) in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
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By William Garvey, Jessica A. Salerno, Molly McMillin Sep 01, 2015
​ U.K. air crash investigators probing the loss of a Saudi Arabian-registered Embraer Phenom 300 have found the aircraft touched down just 400 meters from the end of the runway before crashing into a car-auction business. All three passengers — who were members of the Bin Laden family — and the Jordanian-born pilot were killed in the accident at Blackbushe airfield, west of London, on July 31. In its interim report, published on Aug. 6, the U.K.
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By Fred George Mar 13, 2015
Green shoots finally are popping up in the entry-level light jet market, after the segment entered a nosedive six years ago. Now, Textron Aviation, Embraer and HondaJet, the Big Three of the light jet manufacturers, are gearing up to take advantage of better times ahead with three distinctively different models, all priced at close to $4.5 million when comparably equipped.
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