AviationManuals Reveals Top 10 Risks Operators Faced In 2022

Business Jet
Credit: Johannes Kroemer / Getty Images

AviationManuals, the provider of compliance and safety management solutions for business aviation, has updated its yearly Common Flight Risks Guide. 

The yearly analysis is based on thousands of risk assessment submissions collected in 2022 by the company’s safety management software (SMS) platform and reveals the top 10 risks operators faced, while also providing suggested mitigations.

Topping the list at about 10% of the risks selected in ARCrisk, the company’s risk assessment tool, was low flight time in aircraft type. Suggested mitigations against this situation included pairing the inexperienced flight crew member with another more experienced crew member, only utilizing the low-time crew member on routes they are more familiar with and allowing more time for briefings to go over flight details.

“The past few years have been tumultuous ones for the aviation industry, with unique changes and factors we had never seen before,” says Mark Baier, CEO of AviationManuals. “While the top three risk factors have remained the same from 2021 to 2022, operators still need to be conscientious about ensuring they are taking the necessary steps to continue to improve safety. Our Common Flight Risks Guide can help provide some insights.”

In 2022, thousands of operators input data into ARCrisk, which was then analyzed to determine the best mitigations to the most common risks. All information is compiled to produce The Common Flight Risks Guide, which gives operators a summary to help reduce risks via three steps: Identify, Assess Impact and Mitigate. Each risk factor is accompanied with examples that operators can reference on how to improve safety. A PDF version of the updated guide can be found using the following link: https://arcsky.com/guide-to-mitigating-common-flight-risks/