UAE To Account For 45% Of Middle East MRO Expenditures

Emirates aircraft on runway
Credit: Emirates

The Middle Eastern MRO market is projected to account for more than 11.5% of worldwide demand in 2024-33 and overtake China by 2030, according to Aviation Week’s 2024 Commercial Aviation Fleet & MRO Forecast.

The Middle Eastern aircraft fleet is projected to increase from just over 1,760 active aircraft in 2024 to more than 3,290 in 2033, which translates to fleet growth of 87% during the period. This larger fleet and the commensurate higher utilization expected will drive MRO spending to increase by about 66% over the 10-year period.


Carriers based in the United Arab Emirates account for 45% of MRO demand in the region.

The forecast projects that the Boeing 777 will account for the majority of MRO expenditures, capturing over 33% of the total market, followed by the Boeing 787 (16%) and Airbus A320 (15%).

More than 17,000 engine service events are forecast through 2033, representing a 2.4% compound annual growth rate.