Intelligent, Global, Growing

Credit: Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney EngineWise® Solutions

EngineWise® solutions bring together our growing global footprint, a portfolio of flexible services, and the commitment to sharing technical expertise, fleet data and business intelligence with our customers.

Global Footprint

With a global network of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities, we’re focused on meeting increasing aftermarket demand. We’re expanding GTF capacity around the world — both in our shops and across a network of industry leaders. With 13 active locations worldwide and another six expected by 2025, we’re sharing best practices, optimizing workscopes and driving innovation throughout the network — with automation, digital tools and advanced inspections and repairs.

The MRO network is backed by more than 100 field representatives in 60 offices across six continents, as well as our Line Maintenance Services (LMS) team, which offers technical support and issue mitigation around the world. In addition, we offer regional, local and virtual training options through three customer training centers in East Hartford, USA; Hyderabad, India; and Beijing, China.

Services & Solutions

Our portfolio of services and solutions gives customers flexibility to choose what’s right for their unique operational and financial needs. Offerings include long-term fleet management programs, transactional engine overhaul and part repair, life-limited part (LLP) solutions, new and used serviceable material programs, engine swaps, an engine lease pool, and predictive analytics.


EngineWise® Intelligence offers a range of engine health management services from compiled engine data to expert analysis of operational data. Our ADEM™ (advanced diagnostics and engine monitoring) system provides analysis for more than 8,000 engines, which customers can interact with through a suite of digital tools in our EngineWise® Connect customer portal.

24/7/365 Support

  • Field Representatives: With a growing network of over 100 global field representatives and 60 field offices, we are closer to our customers to provide timely support.
  • Customer Training Centers: Our global training teams in the U.S. (East Hartford, CT), China (Beijing), and India (Hyderabad) offer over 500 training courses to our customers worldwide using the latest state-of-the-art virtual and in-person technologies.
  • Global Operations Center: Contact us at 1-800-565-0140 (toll free), 860-565-0140 or email
  • EngineWise® Connect: Access essential documents, technical publications, collaboration sites, events and much more using our Commercial Engines customer portal, EngineWise® Connect.

With an expanding global footprint, growing portfolio of service offerings and a focus on driving innovation and new technologies into our facilities, we’re redefining what’s possible to support our customers.