United, American, Delta Drive MRO North American Spending

United Airlines aircraft on tarmac
Credit: joepriesaviation.net

The North American MRO market is projected to account for 21.8% of the worldwide total from 2024-33. This will derive from more than 67,000 service events, according to the 2024 edition of Aviation Week Network’s Commercial Aviation Fleet & MRO Forecast.

The active North American aircraft fleet increases from just more than 9,480 active aircraft in 2024 to more than 11,200 in 2033, an 18% increase during the period. This growth of the fleet and the commensurate utilization expected will drive MRO spending to increase by more than 9.3% over 10 years.

The forecast projects that Boeing aircraft will account for the majority of MRO expenditures by type certificate holder, capturing more than 57% of the total market, followed by Airbus (29%) and Embraer (7%).

United, American and Delta will account for the biggest share of MRO demand.